Seriously man, a website?

Chatting about IJM with my Britney mic.

Chatting about IJM with my Britney mic.

Yes indeed.  

Allow me to explain...

1- I get to speak on behalf of International Justice Mission, like as a job - which is an insane privilege.  To that end, my hope is that you'll keep up with the calendar portion of this site, find out where I'll be, and listen to me chat about the work of IJM.  Why? Because I need you to know that: a)slavery is a real and present problem, b)God cares about this, c)He's counting on you to do something, d)IJM has figured out a lot of "somethings" that you can do.  

2- Writing is deeply satisfying to me, and thankfully I get to write for various publications and blogs. So if I write something, anywhere, it'll end up on this blog. Unless of course I don't like what I wrote, then I'll passively ignore it and pretend it never existed. 

3- There are things I want to say that don't always fit in one of my current avenues for writing.  So, I'll blog.  I can't promise consistency in this area, but I can promise well formatted and sleek font thanks to the brilliance of Squarespace. How's that for a deal?

4- I teach, preach, interview, and podcast fairly consistently - all of that will make a home here.

So there's that.  That's why I launched a website. If you want, you can subscribe and I'll send you updates in a very non-obnoxious frequency.  If not, no big, I'll put everything on social media.

Thank you for visiting...

Kind regards,